Designed for earth science and environmental science high school teachers, our educators’ workshops help facilitate the needs of educators within the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) and surrounding counties. High-school teachers, research faculty and GEOPATHS facilitators will share educational resources and design lessons to teach essential standards for earth and environmental science in North Carolina. Below is a description of this year’s program to be held virtually on Zoom.

University/K-12 Share-a-Thon
Tent. June 15-17th, 2022

Applications Required by Friday, May 20th, 2022 (see below)

This summer we are running a three-day virtual workshop (June 15-17th) that will be designed to support participants to work together to share resources that are “turn-key” usable in North Carolina high school earth or environmental science courses. All participating teachers will receive a stipend. Alternating between group discussions, share-a-thon presentations and Q&A sessions, the workshop seeks to empower participants with examples of standard-aligned lessons ready to be used for the next school year. There are two levels of participation and compensation.

Share-a-Thon Teacher-Presenters: The Share-a-Thon will feature a group of teachers (6-9) who will share existing lesson plans and educational resources on a variety of earth or environmental science content via 90-minute presentations. These presentations are intended to enable other workshop participants to use or adapt the resources for their own classes. Selected presenters are expected to: a) walk through the lesson plan and sample activities in the virtual setting; b) answer related questions from other participants; and, c) provide sharable materials that support the use of the lesson. Additionally, we ask presenters to provide a written “teacher story” about their experience using the lesson including suggestions for modifications (as needed) for others to use a reference after the workshop. Participants who complete the presentations and attend the remainder of the workshop will receive a $1,000 stipend.

Interested applicants should complete the form below.

Engaged Participants: Simply interested in gaining a new suite of lessons for your class? Non-presenting participants will consist of teachers (~20-24) who will contribute to the workshop through engagement in discussions, asking questions of the presenters and identifying the lessons that they plan on utilizing in the upcoming school year (e.g., grade level, class, unit). Non-Presenting participants will receive a $500 stipend for completing the workshop program.

Interested applicants should complete the form below.